Project partners

The Knowlo project is undertaken by 5 partners from various parts of Europe. The project brings expertise & diversity from various educational and professional institutions from different parts of Europe making it a multinational project that aims helping higher education organizations on a collective manner across borders and nations.

International College of Cosmetology (Riga, Latvia)

International College of Cosmetology based in Riga, Latvia is the lead partner & coordinator for the Knowlo project.  Established in the year 2003, it is engaged in providing Professional first Level Diploma in higher education in the field of Aesthetic Cosmetology & Therapeutic massage. ICC’s has its own Salon enabling students to take up practice or internship in house and gain practical knowledge from the experts or alumni’s. ICC has 40 plus international partners and is awarded with Baltic Prestige Award. ICC is an EFQM Certified College that has successfully accomplished various Erasmus plus projects including the ESF project on sustainable economic growth in good governance. With continuous research & development and effective implementation of digital learning platforms, ICC sets forth an example on how to be a SMART learning organization of the 21st century.

Eurofortis IT (Riga, Latvia)

EuroFortis IT SIA is a dynamic Czech-Latvian consultation, training and software development center based in Riga. Eurofortis IT is engaged in development and maintaining of customized quality assessment and monitoring tools like: for example: Personal excellence assessment; Organizational excellence assessment; sector monitoring tools used by local authorities; tools for supporting accreditation and audit; Improvement planning; Complex online survey tools; benchmarking databases for a specific sector. Eurofortis IT is also an internal EFQM Assessor (IAT) and their experience covers various activities connected to EFQM implementation.

HARMONY ACADEMY s.r.o. (Slovakia)

HARMONY Academy (HA) is an innovative language school with its own Centre of Innovation Learn & Lead. It operates in the whole of Slovakia and has got learning partnerships formed both within Slovakia and the European Union. The basic underlying pedagogical philosophy of the company is the STUDENT-CENTRED APPROACH. Over the years HARMONY has developed its own course management system in the developmental strategy of Learn & Lead. Harmony Academy also provides innovative language training programs to individuals and companies throughout Slovakia. It is also accredited by the Ministry of Education for innovative teacher-training courses and by the Slovak Association of Language Schools for the Learn & Lead certification of language teachers and trainers.


The Catholic University (KU) in Ruzomberok is a public university that performs its activities mainly in the fields of historical, humanities, pedagogical, natural, social and health sciences, but also in the fields of art, economics, management and law. The university education at the Faculty of Education is based on the European Credit Transfer

System (ECTS), which guarantees the compatibility with the leading educational institutions and therefore the student mobility is possible among the universities in the whole European Union. KU has carried out more than 260 projects and has already coordinated or participated as partner in some Erasmus Plus projects. The Faculty of Education, Catholic University (FE CU) is the largest faculty of education in the Slovak Republic, which prepares more than 63,000 teaching staff postgraduates.


SCHOLA EMPIRICA, is an independent, non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit organization. It was established in 2003 to support independent policy research in the Czech Republic. It provides a platform for Czech and international experts to carry out research in areas with significant implications for public policy. Based on objective qualitative and quantitative analysis, the SE strives to implement innovative solutions to problems in these fields. The aim of the organization is to contribute to international discussions on education and the economy as well as social and education issues. The SE is an accredited educational institution by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the Czech R.Within the framework of national and international educational projects SE has established partnerships and cooperates with over 120 preschools across the Czech Republic, educational and research organizations in Slovakia, Poland and UK, and other countries in Europe.


EURORESO is a network that has been in existence for several decades, currently, the EURORESO network involves 63 partners from 30 different European countries. EURORESO has participated in virtually all types of European transnational programmes and its members have extensive experience as single and collective entities. The association consists of acting members, associate members and honorary members. Its membership now includes partners from all over Europe with wide experience and proven expertise in education and training in various sectors, including social inclusion, migrant integration, women rights and equality. EURORESO has participated as a partner in numerous projects and its members have carried out several successful network projects under the Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, KA2 Languages and Erasmus+ programmes.